As they say, some masterpieces have the essence of pure art, culture, tehzeeb and peace. Bara Imambara stands to be the most unique form of architecture in the history of Indian Culture. The interior of this monument gives the peace and satisfaction of a great dynasty that prevailed. It has the most extraordinary interior designs with beautifully crafted art. Also it stands to be the only place with a maze, the Bhool Bhulaiya which holds the history of being the most amazing invention ever. The imambara is said to have the divine calmness in its existence. 

The Imambara has this beautiful long terrace that gives the view of the entire city. One can just walk through the terrace and get the most beautiful memory to cherish for a lifetime. The cool breeze with that peace of divine art gives the most stunning view. If one wishes to find peace with a beautiful view, this place surely serves as the first choice. It can give the best ideas, ideologies and the feeling that the beauty of culture is eternal. 

Apart from the Bhool Bhulaiya, there is this bowli or the multi step well. It is beautifully designed for the consumption of water. It has a unique architecture and is one of the most amazing ideas till date. Also it holds these little balconies to add to it’s flavor. The Bara Imambara was basically built for the purpose of employment. After a long period of famine, people were left unemployed. In order to provide work, Nawab Asaf-ud-Daula started the construction of this monument. The Bara Imambara is known to be the identity of Lucknow. People from all over the world explore it’s beauty and cherish it for a lifetime. Capture it in a camera or in a diary, it leaves an eternal mark of true art in the heart of its visitors. 


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