Let’s learn to live and love with these mesmerizing moments from childhood. 

Smiles !! These innocent smiles say so much about life, happiness, togetherness and love. Children are the most beautiful and pure hearted angels of God. They know how to love without judgements, they know how to accept people without any boundaries of caste or  religion. Their only concept of happiness is staying together and making each moment count like its a blessing. They have the art to find peace in small things. They don’t necessarily want an air conditioned room to feel cool, the shadow beneath a tree gives them more calmness. They don’t aspire for expensive food items instead they enjoy climbing up the mango trees and eating mangoes. Their smile has the power to heal the deepest scars and also has the strength to make someone believe in light when they are stuck in darkness. 

Playing along the streets gives them pleasure instead of playing in those hug amusement parks. Their definition of happiness and smiles is not based on how much money somebody spends on them. They are not hungry for expensive gifts or clothes instead they are only hungry for immense love and concern. They know how to lend a hand to anybody in trouble and also they realize how difficult it is to walk alone. Maybe that’s why children are the most accepting souls who don’t have any barriers to love. They love unconditionally and care in their own innocent way. Sometimes the smile of a child playing across the street with a tube tyre can teach us the most lesson of life that happiness cannot be measured with money. Anything that gives you pleasure and peace is happiness. They know the importance of togetherness, trust and care. 

One does not need to earn too much to find peace. Just playing with a child can give you the most beautiful feeling of the world. Their love and innocent soul can change the world. The entire world should inherit certain things from a child – acceptance, unconditional love, faith and finding happiness even in the smallest of things. Children aspire for the moon and stars, not for huge gifts or money. They are those blessed souls in whom God has filled the most of his love and affection. They are the angels of heaven who are here to change the world and teach them the real reason of happiness and life. 
                               STORY 1 :

Togetherness comes with trust and happiness shared is always doubled. 

Childhood is all about games and fun with friends. Children love playing along the streets with their friends, hiding in the lanes and living life to the fullest. Who says that children should play intellectual games like chess and business? If you haven’t played ludo, hide and seek, carrom then you certainly haven’t lived your childhood. These games were the lifeline of children and always brought a smile to their faces. All they waited for was vacations and they left their house, playing with friends and cherishing each moment. Games are the only love of a child’s life and it remains to be forever. 

These boys were so deeply engrossed in their game of ludo that nothing could damage their concentration. They were completely focused and nothing could disturb them. It was more of a WORLD CUP TOURNAMENT OF LUDO that took place between these boys. The only voices which could be heard were of little fights saying you took an extra chance, you cheated in this game and so on. These little fights made the game more exciting for them. 

Childhood when remembered gives the most beautiful memories. Games like ludo, snake and ladder, carrom, hide and seek, seven times were all the favorite things a child could do. They loved playing these games and especially when it brought so much of love and happiness.  If I ask all of you as you must be having a smile on your face lingering with memories of your childhood, for how long have you not went down the streets and played with your friends in the rain ? The answer lies within you. 

                              STORY 2:

Love and affection reflects from the eyes of the person with a pure soul. 

There are very few people in this world who know the meaning of love, affection and loyalty. They know how to respect a woman and they also know how to make a little girl smile. They are the people with a pure heart who don’t believe in the concept of gender discrimination. This picture is really special and close to my heart as it explains the most unconditional love and affection in one frame. It shows the kind of love a father has for his daughter. It shows the kind of innocence a daughter has towards her father. It shows the unbiased love of two people who may not know each other but still know what it is to spread love. 

This picture shows that a man with a kind heart and pure soul will always be a true gentleman. He might have met this little girl for the very first time but he made her feel like a princess who is unique in her own way. Both of them share an innocent kiddish expression and look amazingly cute. The girl knows that the man she is playing with will shield her from any kind of trouble. Seeing their happy faces teasing each other, nobody will say that they have met for the first time. Maybe because that instant connect between them comes from within the soul. 

The girl could feel a comfort zone with him and that shows in her eyes. The kind of expressions they exchanged made her believe that there are people who think that girls are far better than boys. It made her feel that there are people who want to be called the father of a daughter in future. It is because they know that girls are the angels of heaven. It is because they know that it is a blessing from God to be able to nurture a girl and be called a proud father of a girl child. It is because they know that girls bring ultimate peace and satisfaction.

                               STORY 3:

Divided by society, united by their love without boundaries. 

Who says that children should be friends with the kids of their religion or caste ? Why is it that people teach their children the unethical discrimination laws of the society ? Children are the most beautiful and pure hearted angels of God. They know how to accept people without any boundaries of caste or religion. Friendship for them is loyalty, trust and happiness. They don’t believe in judging people. 

These kids maybe from different religions but they have the same heart and soul thay God blessed them with. They don’t know anything about what the society thinks, they only know that anybody with whom they can laugh and feel safe, with whom they can cry their heart out is a friend. Friendship and childhood is not dependent on religion and caste. 

Their smiles are the proof that they feel connected with each other. They feel secure and happy playing with each other. They are here to just love unconditionally and care for everybody. Maybe that’s why the smile of a child can heal the deepest of scars. Maybe that’s why they are called the incarnation of God on Earth. Maybe that’s why they are the ones who have the power to conquer the world with just love. 

                               STORY 4:

 Siblings by our side is like a whole new army ready to conquer the world. 

Siblings are always fun to be with. They understand us more than what we think. They are the ones who have seen us at our worst and also made our childhood memorable. Every summer vacation was a complete package of fun and happiness with our siblings. They would fight with us on silly things and end up giving us the most beautiful memories. 
Watching movies, playing along the streets and shouting with happiness made our bond stronger. Everything about siblings is magical. At times we hardly meet each other but whenever we meet, we have a huge bunch of gossips, laughter and silly fights. 

As time passes by, everybody gets too involved in their lives. But a sibling is always there to comfort us when we need. No matter how busy they are, they will always find a way to meet us. A family gathering becomes a return of childhood for siblings. The entire house gets upside down when siblings meet to discuss their memory lanes of childhood and even repeat those silly activities. No matter how much we grow up, we always are a child with our siblings. They are an inseparable part of our lives and remain that for a lifetime. 

                               STORY 5:

When fear dominates childhood, memories turn to nightmares. 

Childhood should never be dominated by any kind of fear because that spoils the essence and innocence of a child. Girls even today are not safe in the country where Durga is regarded as the supreme strength of Goddess. If a girl is standing on the road or even sitting in an office, she does not feel safe. An 11 year old girl returning home at 6pm waiting near the bus stop does not mean that she is available to molest. A girl walking by the streets in jeans doesn’t carry a sign board that she has no issues if humiliated. 

The girl in this picture has the fear in her eyes because she knows she is being noticed. She is standing beside a shop maybe waiting for her father but just because it’s dark the man standing next to her stares her with all his lust. Just because she is a girl that doesn’t mean that anybody has the right to master to soul. She is the one who can control her life and she does not deserve to be felt inferior. 

This little girl today develops a fear in her mind that girls are not safe in this society. People still have the fuedal mentality that if she walks after 6pm or is independent then she is available for any sort of nonsense. In return girls are asked to get reserved and stay at home in order to avoid problems. But why can’t the boys be taught that they should behave themselves and respect all girls and women. Why girls live with a fear of being touched wrongly? Is this the kind of society we have formed for girls where they can’t feel safe? Just because they want to be independent, they have to pay the amount of their self respect? If this is the society then it is better to give up on such people and mentality. 

                             STORY 6:

When aspirations to touch the sky reflect in the eyes. 

At times children are much more than what one thinks. We always assume that children are innocent and don’t think as much as an adult does. But sometimes they teach the most wonderful lessons of life just in their own way. Their eyes reflect what they think and their actions express them. They are so innocent that for them the idea of becoming something in life changes on a regular basis. 
One day they might dream of becoming a doctor and the other day if they see an engineer, they aspire to be an engineer. When asked about how much do they love the moon and stars, they wish to become an scientist. Their ideas of achieving something in life change like the seasons. The sunny day will be for doctor, the cold one for chef and so on. They don’t know what they actually have to do but they love everything they try to do. 

Seeing this camera he might have thought of becoming a photographer just because the camera was attractive to his eyes. Maybe he doesn’t even know the meaning of anything that people say, but he knows that someday he will become something great. Someone as great as people will remember him for what he was as an individual. He knows that the world respects people who are successful and he knows there are innumerable ways to it. Somewhere deep down he is sure that God has one way for him as well.

                               STORY 7:

Lonely eyes looking for the answer to many questions. 

It is not less than a curse for a child to feel loneliness at the age when she needs to be happy. It feels sad to know that not every child is blessed with the comfort of childhood. Some of them just see childhood around them but in to feel it. Those eyes looking for the reason why she is unable to play and laugh. A question that arises in her mind regularly that for what reason is she punished like this ?

She keeps moving barefoot looking for the happiness she didn’t recieve. Longing for the love of a mother and the shoulder of a father, she has grown helpless at this young age. A sweet little angel, looking for love and care but gets only loneliness. She stands her expecting someday somebody will come and lend her a hand of support. 

At the age when children are taught to have faith in God, this little girl started to lose faith in the existence of God. She started to question that if there is anybody who actually listens then why her prayers are unanswered. She has a heart full of pain which aspires to laugh, play and live life to the fullest. She still hopes for a day when the sun will actually bring light in her life and finish the darkness that she is adapted to. 

                              STORY 8:

Say cheese!! But the focus was stuck to the chocolate in the hand of his friend. 

Chocolates are the lifeline of a child. They can miss anything but they can’t afford to let go of their chocolate. This little boy was not much interested to smile because he was keeping an eye on the chocolate his friend had. It was just the last piece left and he was in a hurry to grab it. Childhood has many memories of eating chocolates with getting our clothes and hands all brown in chocolate. But that was the real fun of eating a chocolate. That is art every kid is born with. They know how to enjoy every piece of chocolate to the fullest. 
Children are very possessive about their things. Be it their toys, paint colors, chocolates and even friends, they can never share it with anybody. Even though they know that sharing is a good habit, they never share it easily. They have that right to authority and nobody can deny that. Everybody kneels down in front of their innocent deals and imaginary contracts. Maybe that’s the reason people never say no to children because they are full of love. 

                             STORY 9:

Situations dominating childhood, steals away that innocent smile. 

Fate is unfair to many people but when it is unfair with children, it saddens. This little boy was not blessed with his fingers in the hands. He holds that pain of being slightly different form other kids. Where all of them can play cricket and eat food, he just weeps on that fact that he can’t. He has no knowledge of the rules of this society but he feels bad when he is treated differently. 

Even after facing so much and not having his fingers, he sells vegetables. This stall is his only means to money, clothes and also his bed. He has no one who can stop him from doing this labor work and get him into a school. We often feel that our childhood was beautiful and the case is the same with every child. Some children don’t even know the meaning of a happy childhood. 

There are many such young ones who in the age of playing and laughing are crying and working despite of their disabilities. Why does the society seem to categorize them as disabled? Just because he does not have his fingers doesn’t mean he does not have a heart that longs for love. Chained by both fate and society, this little flower of God did not learn to bloom in the sunlight. 

                             STORY 10:

Vacations are to play then why should we study !! 

These silly kids who have been playing along the streets suddenly got a glimpse of their tuition teacher and started to hide. They say why should we study in the vacations when they are meant to just play and relax. All of us at some time of life have been children and we all have done this stuff with our tuition teachers. People reading this blog must be having a smile on their faces when maybe they must have done the same thing. Hiding behind walls to avoid studies in vacations, making excuses of stomach aches and running to a friend’s house were all the tantrums that happened. 

This is the real essence of childhood. They are like free birds living their life, completely ignorant to what the society says. All they know is that they are here to love and live the life they have been blessed with. The fun of hiding from tuition teacher, stealing mangoes and running away were actually the most lovable things of childhood. 

All of these clever kids are waiting for the teacher to leave and then they can continue with their game. They all know these days are precious and they won’t return. All of us still have our eyes teary when we think of those days where nothing could stop us. We all were like this, free birds flying high. Falling and then getting up again to fly higher. This is childhood, the most beautiful part of an individual’s life. 

                             STORY 11:

Is being a girl such a punishable crime ? 

The most dark side of childhood that I’ve come across was this story that made me cry. These are seven sisters who have been abandoned by their parents because of the fact that they are girls. They are facing the harsh phase of life. They wish to sleep in their mother’s lap and walk with their father but they find their birth a curse to their family. These seven are each other’s strength and are angry over their fate. 

They wished to get captured in this image because they want the world to know that even if they don’t have the support of their parents, they will one day surely achieve success and prove that girls are no less than boys. They wish to tell the world and their parents that they are capable of doing everything that will bring them respect which they lost because of this society. 

In this young age, they have so many questions to ask. They question that is it a crime to be a girl ? They question that why are girls treated as inferior to boys ? They question that why are men termed as the masters of the society ? They question that why can’t they be accepted by the people who gave birth to them ? Innumerable questions with answers that cannot be explained by anybody. 


Childhood is the most beautiful part of the life of an individual.The smiles, the memories everything is eternal. No matter how old we grow, we always have a hidden child inside us.No matter what happens but the memories of being a child and living life stay alive foerever. Even today we say that we want to re-live those days of childhood where there was love without judgements and care without barriers. Where everything was just simple and innocent. Where the only thing that mattered was HAPPINESS AND TOGETHERNESS. 

Thank you for reading this blog. Please share and I hope it struck a chord with your memory lane. 


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