Nothing can be more wonderful than the beauty of nature. God created this Earth, man and along with them he created the flora and fauna. He invested a lot of his colors and love in nourishing the beauty of wildlife. Every creature he created has it’s own beauty and is equally amiable. Every creature is unique in it’s own way and is completely adorable. God created land and then gave it animals on land. He created water and filled the oceans with the beauty of aquatic animals and corals. The world beneath the oceans is not less than meditation and has the most beautiful creatures. It gives peace and takes us into another world of life where everything seems to just, swim.

God has given animals the most unexpected talents which make them different and yet beautiful. The gave birds and flys the wings to fly higher without fear. He gave nature the lion and lioness as the masters of the jungle who actually are a reflection of how love is all about being each other’s strength. He gave camel the ability to survive in deserts without feeling the urge for water. Man cannot breathe underwater but oceans have their own aquatic world. This is the beauty of nature and the miracles we encounter in wildlife.

Animals are also blessed with the same feelings of love, concern, togetherness and loyalty. They may not speak but they have their own language. The chirping of birds early morning seems to be the most peaceful thing. The hen is said to be the alarm for every person. The owl is one such animal that never sleeps at night. There are innumerable examples where we see how beautiful wildlife is. Nature is a blessing to mankind that gives them the opportunity to witness some of the most amazing forms of nature.


Small in size but independent at their work and identity.

Squirrel is one of the most cute and adorable creature. At the same time they are equally hard working. Everytime I have noticed squirrels, they are amazingly active and alert at their work. They are independent at their work and prefer taking precautions. They collect their own food and store it for further use. Rains, storms, sunlight nothing comes in their way to work. They are alert and their speed is incomparable.

They might be small but their personality is completely opposite to their size. A squirrel is always doing some or the other work. You look at a squirrel for a minute and the moment you get up to capture it in your camera, it disappeares. Even if we try finding them out, we can’t match their speed. They are also blessed with the feelings of loyalty and togetherness. Never will you find a squirrel working alone. They are all in a group, working and playing irrespective of their surroundings. Nothing bothers them except for the fact that they are here for a purpose and they have to live life in their small world.


Here goes the fish in the mouth of the crocodile and it is a brilliant shot !!

Crocodiles and fishes have a really sour relationship. The little ones have to make their way out of the eyes of the crocodile. Obviously the crocodile being the most fierce creature in water, it has a different kind of fear. Little fishes who hardly have any way to protect themselves are always captive to such large creatures. It is as the food cycle goes, one animal survives on the other and so on. The same can be seen in this beautifully captured shot. It takes a huge amount of hard work to capture something like this which is exactly portraying the reality.

A crocodile is really attentive when he has to prey. Due to it’s dark color appearance and silent way of going along water, it is nearly impossible to detect his presence. He sits quietly at one side of the water with his eyes stuck to the food he has to capture. After waiting there silently for a long time, as long as it sees a small fish, it just moves forward to grab it. No effort is the needed to eat the fish. Obviously being the weaker one, the fish becomes a prey to the crocodile. One thing admirable about the crocodile is it’s attentive nature and patience. One can get good results only when he is attentive and at the same time is patient enough to wait for things to fall in place.


Sitting quietly doesn’t mean I’m not observing. That’s the genius creature.

Turtles are the most creative and colorful creatures. They usually survive both on land and water and are amazing if observed closely. Not everybody will know that turtles make good, loyal pets and are really amiable. The best part about them other than their shell is their eyes. They have madly deep eyes and are wonderfully expressive. If noticed closely, turtles tend to speak with the intensity of their eyes. Not every animal is so intense and expressive with eyes but turtles have this special quality.

They walk slow but as they say, slow and steady wins the race. Their speed never becomes a hurdle in their personality. They are beautiful with that small face inside the shell and those amazing eyes. I personally feel people who pet turtles are lucky because they sit quietly for a long time and tend to listen to everything you have to say. They have that feeling of friendship in them and that makes them so special. Their pace does not matter as long as they are trustworthy and loyal. God has created some of the most beautiful colors in their shells that can leave you open mouthed and this turtle actually took all the attention only because of the eyes and the amazing colors it is blessed with.


The picture says it all and so does this adorable rabbit.

Rabbits have a special place in my heart when it comes to pets. They are delicate as cotton and need to be nurtured with innocence. They understand that touch of care and concern. They understand the feeling of friendship and affection. They are sensitive to both nature and at their emotions as well. Rabbits are like new born babies who need special care and attention. They are soft and delicate, deserving a care like a young child. They need to be taken care of very attentively without any kind of carelessness.

They learn to walk early and the first thing they do is to jump. You play with them and they will jump all around, trying to win the game. Carrots are their favorite and they even have a crush on Maggi. The best part about a rabbit is their warmth. They feel the warmth of the person looking after them and in return they give the warmth that gives peace. No matter how tired a person is, if he has a rabbit then all his tiredness vanishes as soon as he plays with them. These little creatures are delicate and need extra protection but at the same time they are beautiful souls. God has blessed them with beautiful souls that know the meaning of warmth and love.


Humans or animals, the relation of a mother and child remains special.

The relation of a mother and child is same for all creatures. Every child be it of a human or animal, has an eternal connection with the mother. This little monkey is so affectionately sleeping in the arms of his mother that nothing bothers him. It is like the safest place where he gives up on all worries and finds peace. Monkeys are originally very emotional and affectionate. It is said that monkeys are the ancestors of man. They have certain instincts same as humans. One of them is the affection they share for one another.

No matter how many differences God created in humans and animals, one thing that was beyond his control was the love a child has for his mother and vice versa. A mother be it of an animal or human, has the same amount of love, dedication and affection for the child. In every aspect of nature, mother nurtures the child in the best possible way. She hunts for food and also protects the child from every trouble that may encounter him. She has he courage to fight the king of the jungle if she has to protect the child she has been nurturing since childhood. The picture says many things which can’t be expressed in words. Certain things are meant to be felt by the soul because they come from the soul.


My wings are my pride !!

The wings of a bird are it’s pride and they make sure that nobody causes harm to them. They walk with dignity and fly like the queens of the sky. Nobody has the authority to ruin their freedom. They are the masters of their souls and live without boundaries. Ironically, women on Earth are not yet the only masters of their soul due to the male dominated society in certain areas. But the sky is all about birds. It is their home and their nation. Birds being the creatures blessed with wings never should be kept in cages.

They are made to fly higher in the sky and only that suits their personality. They shelter in the trees and make their nests with their own effort. Birds being the queens are equally beautiful at their appearance. They seem to be very possessive about their wings. They open up their wings and that is where the real strength of a bird lies. Also it is the miracle of nature that no bird will ever be found just sitting because of the fear of flying. They aspire to fly since they are young and that is their identity and power at the same time.


United we stand, divided we fall.

Scary if seen closely but they depict the most wonderful thing that mankind needs to learn, unity and togetherness. These crocodiles can’t speak their unity says it all. No matter what the situation is, they stand together facing every storm that comes along. Crocodiles undoubtedly are fierce but only to their enemies. When it comes to the crew, they are one whole army that can destroy all the dancers. Even if they are silent, they know what is to be done. Just the twinkle of an eye does it all and the game is over for the enemy.

Humans even after being capable of speaking have forgotten the meaning of togetherness. They have forgotten that the strength of a hand is better than the effort of one finger. One person alone may win his battles but will fail to win it for the society. We are all a part of this society and owe something back to it. It is necessary to stay together or else it will be easier to get defeated. If one has to win wars, togetherness and loyalty plays the role. Wildlife in every aspect teaches many things to mankind if observed closely.


I’m there for you even in your darkest moments.

Who says the only humans can be friends with each other. Just have a look around and you will find the most amazing friendships on the branches of some trees. These monkeys say so much in this picture. Friendship is all about feeling it from within and being loyal as a friend. It does not require the medium of language or words to be friends with somebody. It is a beautiful emotion that can only be felt and understood by love, affection and care. A friend in need is a friend indeed, as the saying goes along.

Animals make much better friends in today’s scenario. People tend to betray their friends for their gains in business or even personal relations but such negative things are not found in animals. They better know the meaning of loyalty towards a friend. In animals they better understand that no matter what the situation is, they play together and they fall together. They see the good times together and even the bad times. They are each other’s soul and they live for each other.


Love is in the air for the masters of the sky !!

Love is the most beautiful feeling of the world. It makes the two souls stronger and more passionate. Even animals have the tendency to fall in deep and true love which brings out the best in them. The lucky ones are blessed to fall in love and discover their soul mates. Love is not about just the physical form of love, it is more of a soulful connection between two souls that love unconditionally to become one soul. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and that really matters in love.

Loving and never being to discover that how it happened is actually true love because you never had a list to love. It just happened and that’s why it is called falling in love because it happens in the most unexpected way and makes the person mesmerised. It is usually said that people in love are the love birds and here is the proof. These two lovely souls who are deeply into love with each other attract everybody’s attention but their eyes are stuck to each other. They love unconditionally without the fear of the society. They become the strength for each other and the reason for each other’s existence.


The jungle awaits the family that completes it.

This is the place that is home to the huge variety of wildlife. Nature has given mankind such beautiful flora and fauna that is belong explanation. This place looks silent and calm, peaceful and within it are all these creatures who are in many ways different from humans but are having the same emotions. They are the most amazing creations of God and also deserve respect and love. This barren land with trees standing together like an army can either be seen on the border of the nation or in a place like this where togetherness is worshipped.

These trees are home to those monkeys who jump from branches and live life to the fullest. These trees are home to the birds who make their nests and keep their kids safe. The land is home to every animal who realizes the importance of this place. Animals are very loyal and possessive about their home. No matter what happens, when somebody tries to destroy their homeland, they stand up together and fight irrespective of what will be the circumstances. This is the power of nature and the strength of the flora and fauna.


Words are never enough to explain the beauty of nature and the wonders it has given to mankind in the form of flora and fauna. The variety of wildlife that nature offers is commendable and it is our foremost responsibility to take care of this treasure we have. Wildlife gives a completely different outlook to life and explains things which are lost from human life.

They explain the importance of togetherness, loyalty, love and concern. They explain the responsibility one has towards his home and towards his friends and family. They let us believe that together we can win battles which seem impossible to win. Even though they can’t speak but as they say, actions speak louder than words.

This was a journey to the wildlife that we have forgotten but yes people it still exists. I hope it struck a chord with your heart and definitely made you feel that animals teach lessons that humans have forgotten.



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