Childhood comes with innocence and no child has the ability to judge who has a fair eye and who does not. The so called sixth sense that people have comes with an age. Specifically in girls, it comes only after they step into teenage. Maybe this is the reason people find it really easy to convince children and use them for their illegal purposes. Also they find it manly to stare at a young girl who is not even aware of the sight she is subjected to. This picture says a thousand words but what struck my mind was how pimple mould children with financial needs and spoil their life for child abuse. 

Child abuse can be physical, mental or even emotional form of abuse. Physically abusing a child who does not realize the difference between a good or bad touch leaves a lifetime fear in the mind of that child. Mentally abusing a child with constant frightening or subjecting them to child labour leads to a deep mental trauma. They never find their way out of that darkness and it kills them regularly. Emotionally harassing a child who is unaware of what is right or wrong can actually make the child lonely and afraid of emotions. There are children who are silent or extremely introvert because they never know how to express themselves. They fear being judged and getting ignored by the society. Their self confidence goes so low that they start questioning their own skills. 

The girl in this frame is not even aware that the man is staring him with an evil thought in his mind. She doesn’t even know that he might just keep staring at her and indirectly harrassing her dignity. The only thing that she will remember is that if you aren’t smart enough to judge the look of those eyes, they will stare at you with a wild and irrelevant desire. Many people find kids who are in need of money or job and in the name of getting them jobs, they sell them to some factory or industry where they are made to work and even made to beg. They are ill treated and abused physically, mentally and emotionally. Their families keep looking for their children who disappear suddenly in the darkness of life. They never find a way out, they never get to see the light again. All they remember is that childhood which had to be their favorite part,  became the most evil one. Child abuse destroys lives and souls. A child abused is equal to the death of a thousand pure souls. 



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